Pound Paws

I am excited to share with you a project I care deeply about, Pound Paws. This is a project which I started earlier in the year, with the aim to re-home all the dogs and cats that find themselves on death row in Australia.

I have always associated myself with Animal Welfare activities, whether it be attending rallies, hosting fundraisers or speaking out at events, but I wanted to do more... I decided to set up a website (www.poundpaws.com.au) which allows the public to easily view all of the available dogs and cats for adoption in Australia. This website is also a place for rescue groups / pounds to upload available pets for adoption - as well as promote themselves. There are so many amazing people rescue carers in Australia that don't have access / funding to promote their shelters and I want to be able to provide them with that opportunity. Part of the Pound Paws package for all rescue centres / pounds, is a complimentary photo and video package which I provide. I really want to make sure that pounds are promoted in a very positive manner, to encourage people to ADOPT instead of SHOP. Through the use of social media this year, we have happily contributed to the re-homing of over 40 dogs and 30 cats. This is something I am really proud of. The main goal through all of this, is to not only re-home all of thise beautiful animals, but to educate the Australian public too. If you are interested in getting involved, becoming a foster carer or learning more about how to lower the statistics of dogs and cats on death row in Australia, don't hesitate to contact me at info@poundpaws.com.au