Groovin with Sofi

I had such a great time covering Groove in the Moo on behalf of Sofi Spritz!

Sofi is a complex and all-natural Australian wine spritzer with a classic Mediterranean heritage. I love my wine, so it was great to try a unique twist to my favourite alcoholic drink, with Bloody Orange or Lemon flavouring. It was super easy to drink throughout the hot day, as it was super refreshing!

Groove in the Moo was held in Maitland, about two hours north of Sydney. Some of the artists that played range from; The Rubens, British India, Alison Wonderland and Golden Features to name a few... It was a super fun day out and I would defiantly recommend checking it out next year! It was awesome to experience live music in a regional area. You can find out more about Sofi Spritz here: If you are interested in heading to Groove in the Moo, check out their website here: