Cactus Skincare

Cactus Skincare is a natural organic skincare made and owned in Australia. It is the only skin care that I can positively admit, works! If you are suffering from a break out, from either a big weekend or just stress, the best remedy is a Clay Mask, which actively works and delivers results over night. I tend to always use this mask after a big weekend, as I feel it detoxes my skin. The other products which I use from Cactus Skincare is the Natures Anti-Oxidant Creme, which I use as a daily moisturiser. It contains apricot, jojoa & avocado. If I am looking for a more rich moisturising creme, I use the Intense Hydrating Creme, which contains evening primrose & sandalwood. If you would like to find out more information about this skincare range, head over to the website here: