Online directory Pound Paws helps you find the perfect pet

Online directory Pound Paws helps you find the perfect pet


ONE does not need to go to a breeder to find their dream pet.

This is the ethos behind Pound Paws, a website which allows people to search for a specific type of pet by breed, age and size from a database of animals in pounds and rescue centres all over Australia.

Pound Paws founder Brittany Bloomer, of Woollahra, said the website also features a directory which lists speciality rescue groups in Australia.

“There are all sorts of different rescue groups ranging from; Chihuahua Rescue Australia, Saving Staffies to even Alaskan malamute Rehoming Aid Australia,” she said.

“There is no need to buy from Gumtree or a breeder, when you can find your specific breed in the pound.”

Ms Bloomer founded the website Pound Paws, which allows people to search for a specific dog by breed and age

Ms Bloomer, 23, said people just do not realise how many great dogs there are stuck in the pound.

“This is why it is Pound Paws mission to list all these happy and healthy pets online, so that adoption can become more accessible and easy for the Australian public.”

The website features dogs, cats, reptiles, farm animals, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and more.

Since it was formed in 2015, it has featured more than 2200 animals.

“For every pet that Pound Paws has shared, I have never come across one that had to get euthanised,” Ms Bloomer said.

Ms Bloomer has encouraged people to adopt, not shop

She was also behind the Double Bay Dog Day held in August last year which helped several dogs find their forever home.

In the 2014-2015 financial year the RSPCA euthanised 17,398 cats and 6765 dogs. Tens of thousands more have to be put down in council pounds and other shelters.

Ms Bloomer has been nominated for the Freemasons NSW/ACT Young Achievers Award, which recognises unsung heroes who make selfless contributions to the community.

The winner will be announced on March 24 at the Sydney Masonic Centre.

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Article written by: Kate Bastians, Wentworth CourierMarch 7, 2017 3:43pm Article extracted from here