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Interview: Brittany Bloomer, Television presenter, new media producer, media entrepreneur and founder of Pound Paws - June 2017

Brittany Bloomer


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When and how did you discover your interest and passion for media, journalism and fashion?

When I was in high school I would regularly public speak at school assemblies on various Animal Welfare topics. I enjoyed raising awareness about real issues in the community and I noticed how powerful speaking out about this could be. When I graduated from high school, I knew this was something that I wanted to continue doing. This then led me into Journalism, which later led to other event coverage, like fashion, social events or even pageants around the world.

Who or what was your big break in media?

My big break into the media industry, was something which I can proudly say was created through my own passion & ambition. Straight after graduating from high school, I knew I wanted to get more involved with the media industry, but I wasn’t sure who to reach out to. So I created my own website and brand, ‘Brittany‘ and created a microphone with my logo on it and went to every single bar, social event, charity fundraiser in Sydney and created content, thus raising awareness about my brand as a TV Presenter. Without doing this, I wouldn’t of got my name out there and connected with some brilliant people, who offered me other presenting opportunities down the track.

Were you a naturally gifted speaker and presenter, or did you have to keep working on it for years?

I have always had the gift of the gab, I would jump at any opportunities to public speak, ranging from participating in debating, speaking at school assemblies about my Animal Welfare fundraisers or even telling funny stories at sleepovers with friends, It is something that comes naturally to me and I feel happy doing.

We love your work with animals. When and how did you make Pound Paws a reality?

Pound Paws was officially registered as a charity last year, this was a really special moment for me. I have been volunteer working in the Animal Welfare industry since primary school – so for me to be able to establish my own charity and make a large difference in Australia – is a dream come true.

What sort of numbers does your social media accounts attract?

Social media can be a very useful platform to use, when used properly. My instagram handle for @poundpaws has 20,000 followers, without using social media for my charity – I wouldn’t be able to re-home the majority of pets that I see come into the pound. It is truly amazing how many people you can reach, just by posting an image.

My personal account has 15,000 followers – I use this account to focus on my TV Presenting / Modeling work & occasionally treat my followers with a picture of a cute dog or cat available for adoption ;)

What's been your favourite couple of mainstream media projects?

I really enjoyed working in the sports television field, for Fox Sports & Channel One. I found the experience very different to any field I have ever worked in – the atmosphere was extremely friendly. I really enjoy how sports can bring a community together.

You have great fashion sense. Do you do your own styling, or do you have an official stylist?

Thank you! I feel very blessed to have such an amazing support network in Australia. Before any social event, I reach out to my PR agencies & they take me into their showroom and help dress me. They have a wide variety of different brands & all the latest collections. I always steer towards the boho look, or anything with a 50’s feel.

Do you represent any clothing or fashion brands, and do you have any favorite swimsuit labels (got to keep the brands and sponsors happy)

I work with a variety of different PR agencies in Australia ranging from; Tailor Maid PR, Sweaty Betty PR, Tor Star Sydney & Two Birds Talking. All of their showrooms feel like Disneyland to me – full of beautiful garments, jewellery, shoes & even beauty products from all different brands to choose from. It truly is a blessing to be affiliated with them.

Have their been any particular people who have acted as great business or life mentors along your journey?

Yes, several people have influenced me in different ways. They have all made a very special impact on my life:

My Parents – they have always been there for me through thick and thin, they aren’t afraid to tell me the truth, they always know the right answer to everything (ha ha!) & they have both demonstrated successful & happy lives which I aspire too. Tim Vasudeva – CEO of Animals Australia. I first met him when I was in year 10 at highschool, after reaching out about Animal Welfare and how I could get involved. He took the time to meet with me and educate me about death row in Australia. He influenced me to make a difference in the community, which led to the creation of Pound Paws. What inspires you?

People doing what they love and not being afraid to speak out for what they believe in.

What parts of the world had your business taken you, and what other places would you like to go next?

I have been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places around the world, ranging from; South Korea, Fiji, China, Los Angeles and many more beautiful places. What I thoroughly enjoy about working overseas, is that my job allows me to explore these places & share my experiences to my friends, family & online audience through written and video content.

What's your favourite beaches in Australia, and do you prefer Sydney or Gold Coast beaches?

I much prefer bays to beaches, as it’s a lot more relaxed. Any of the bays along the Eastern Suburbs coast are my top picks for a summer day.

When is the next big Pound Paws event?

Double Bay Dog Day 2017! This event will be taking place on Saturday the 24th of June 2017 from 10am-2pm. It will be a super fun day with dog activities ranging from; Dog Massages, Dog Animal Communicator Demonstration (find out what your dog is trying to say to you!), Dog Perfumist (find your dog the perfect perfume), Dog Competitions (best dog trick / best dog costume), live music, dog finger painting & much more. If you are a dog lover, I recommend you check this event out! What's your favourite breed of dog?

My favourite breed of dog would have to the Dachshund - I am a proud owner of one, Hansel. They not only look adorable, but their personalities are hilarious. They are super sassy and they truly believe that they are a lot larger then they really are. Every time I take Hansel out – he always tries to take on the big dogs in the park, he is so courageous for a dog his size.

Do you like or tolerate cats?

I absolutely love them! My first experience owning a pet, was with a cat which we found surrendered on the street in New Zealand. I truly believe this experience of taking an abandoned pet in to my home, steered me towards rescuing pets in my career now.

What's something interesting you can tell us about a current or upcoming project of yours?

I am currently in discussion about a environmental campaign with a friend, which we would like to launch around Australian pet friendly beaches & parks, where we encourage the public to pick up litter, when they pick up their doggy doo. This action, will not only help the environment, but perhaps open up more places in the local area for our dogs to to enjoy! Plus, there is nothing worse then stepping on doggy doo ha ha.

Your favourite movie, and why?

My favourite movie would have to be Ray Charles, I absolutely love his music & I feel the movie was produced excellently. There is a lot to take from that movie too, it shows viewers that you can achieve anything you set your heart too – it all comes down to self belief & ambition.

Who would you like to meet or interview that you haven't yet?

That is a tough question to answer, as there are so many different fields with special individuals in each one, which I would love to interview. I mean, a childhood favorite of mine was Gwen Stefani (lead singer of No Doubt), I would just love to be in the same room as her and get into a deep conversation with her about her music & the stories behind each song, but then there is an interest to talk to Pete Cashmore, Founder of Mashable and ask him about the start up process at the young age of 19, or Lynne White (CEO of Animals Australia) and create a great interview segment, raising awareness about Animal Welfare in Australia. The list is endless really.

What's been the key 'secret' to your success?

Positive mindset. I choose to trust the flow of everything and believe that the universe is working with me, not against me. That alone, allows me to keep relaxed and look forward to what is ahead, even during hard times.

What's your motto?

Think happy and you will be happy. I strongly believe that creating a happy place within yourself, will help create a happy environment around you.

Star sign, and are you true to it?

I am a Libra – we are known for being peaceful, sociable and apparently we hate being alone. I must be an exception for that, as I really enjoy spending time by myself.

What's been a few big highlights of your career so far?

From when I was hosting on Fox Sports Australia, to whenever I hop on a plane to work overseas, there are so many highlights with the work I do & they all make me so happy.

What do you do to relax?

I head down to Centennial Park (its local to me) and either bring a book, listen to Podcasts or just set up a picnic by myself there. I love being surrounded by nature as I find it very grounding.


Editors note: So, readers, as you have just learned, Brittany is immensely talented, and one to watch. A great presenter with a beautiful heart who is helping out society in many ways - especially via her work with animals. We predict ongoing success for this inspirational Australian