My Muscle Meals Direct Journey

As Muscle Meals Direct’s most recently appointed ambassador and spokesperson, I’d like to share my experience and journey with the company thus far. Through working with Muscle Meals Direct I have already hosted a number of media projects and have attended events like the Arnold Classic Australia where I had the pleasure of meeting numerous amazing athletes like Dexter Jackson (Mr. Olympia 2008), Robert Whittaker (UFC Middleweight #3) and Martin Taupau (NZ national rugby league player).

After only being with Muscle Meals Direct for 3 months, I have already noticed my health improving both in the way I look and the way I feel. With the stress of weekly meal prep eliminated; I have become more productive and been able to approach my days with a clearer headspace, knowing that all my meals are already customised to my liking and portioned for my fitness goals. I aim to work out 1-2 times a day, but my job has me constantly on my toes, and as such a consistent workout schedule is tough to keep up. For these days when I can’t get to the gym; I can always opt for a low-carb meal with lean proteins and vegetables. This will provide all the nutrients I need without the excess carbs in rice or pasta that I wouldn’t be able to utilise away from the gym.

On the days when I can exercise, my options are open, and I can enjoy any of my favourite meals such as the Teriyaki Beef Strips with Singapore Noodles or Tandoori Chicken with Basmati Rice (basically any chicken dish on the menu is amazing!). The Muscle Meals Direct menu covers many cuisines and can be mixed and matched to your likings.

Muscle Meals area able to accommodate for my fitness goals with their lean meal plans that come with meals (200g) containing 100g protein and 100g of carbs/veges all customised by me based on my nutritional needs and flavour preferences. They go above and beyond in allowing me to control my calorie count while providing enough protein and energy to maintain lean muscle and get me through my day.

I never appreciated all the benefits that would come from having my weekly meals prepared and ready to go every day with little work needed from me. I have been able to transfer the energy and effort that would be put into meal prep into other avenues of my life. And because the meals are so delicious; I don’t even miss my own cooking! Blog article via Muscle Meals Direct