My Top Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Whilst On Holiday

Its mid-year travel time! That exciting part of the year where you find yourself hopping on a plane to another country to escape Australia’s coldest months. You’re on holidays, but this doesn’t mean that you should forget about all your hard work and training.

I recently came back from a trip to Croatia where I spent my days sunbaking & day drinking – relaxing in true European style. After the first week I began to feel a little guilty, as my daily workout routines weren’t consistent and the food I consumed wasn’t my normal Muscle Meals.

This made me wonder what approach would be necessary to maintain a healthy diet and figure over the course of a holiday. Here are some of the tips I came up with that helped me stay feeling & looking good.

1• Wake up early – Even if you are sleepy, forcing yourself to get outside in the fresh air for a walk/hike not only wakes you up, but it allows you to explore & immerse yourself in the culture of your holiday destinations.

2• Water – Carry a bottle of water around with you at all times; not only does it help keep you cool If you’re exploring somewhere with a warm climate, but it increases energy, promotes weight loss and flushes out the toxins from drinking.

3• Alcohol – You’re enjoying your time away, so it is okay to drink! I recommend having a glass of water between each drink, as this will greatly reduce the intensity of your hangover the next day.

4• Outside Training – No matter where you are, there are places to go and sites to see! Hike up a mountain, trek to a landmark or swim in the ocean. There are so many amazing places where you can exercise if you just take a look around.

5• Appetisers – If you enjoy fine dining experiences overseas. You’ll find many meals come with bread or some other starter dish (especially in Europe). Though delicious; try to avoid appetisers as they stimulate your appetite, making you hungrier rather than satisfied.

6• Stop ‘Eating as an Activity’ – I always tend to fall into the habit of going to a restaurant or café as my main activity for the day. Though eating is a big part of immersing yourself in a places culture; I recommend you try keep eating activities limited on your list of things to do. If you prioritise sight seeing or other fun day activities, eating meals will become secondary. By doing this you also invite the possibility of finding new unique foods and restaurants that you didn’t know about.

7• Fruit – Enjoy the fresh fruit platters for breakfast or freshly squeezed orange juice. By consuming fruit you are promoting your fibre, antioxidant and vitamin levels. This helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system (important when trying new foods and drinks) and immune system.

8• Sleep -

The jet lag may throw your sleeping patterns off, but try to adjust to new time zones quickly. Fight your fatigue and keep outdoors in the fresh air. This will help reduce the jet lag period to 1-2 days, instead of several days.

Lastly, have fun – you are on holiday! By being aware of healthy eating habits & exploring new ways to train / work out you can maintain your healthy diet & keep fit, which will make returning back home an easy adjustment! Blog article via Muscle Meals Direct