WeCare Resort

I would like to share with you an incredible life changing experience whilst I was travelling through the US.

I had the opportunity to visit the “We Care Spa”, located in Palm Springs, USA.

I decided to check into this wellness retreat, after staying two months in LA and partying for the majority of that time. I had burnt myself out with all the partying and my mind, body & soul were in desperate need of balancing..

I had reached a point in my life where I was sick of this lifestyle of partying - so I felt inspired to stay at a health retreat. It was time for me to connect with myself & learn more about spirituality.

I spent a bit of time researching all the different Health retreats in Los Angeles and 'We Care Health Retreat' stood out to me the most. They have an excellent program of yoga & meditation and daily cleansing with juice / liquid fasting & daily colonics.

The Retreat is run by a lovely lady called Susana Belen, you can tell she is passionate about what she does, as she built this retreat from scratch. Her dedication and commitment to providing you with a wonderful healthy stay is further complimented by her words of wisdom and personal life journey. She is an author of her own book which explains how to live a healthy life on a physical, emotional and, Spiritual level. Her book is called 'Detox & Revitalize'.

The first day I arrived, I was delighted with how lovely the staff members were, they gifted me with a Welcome Pack - filled with various delights for my week - ranging from body buffer brush, vitamins, mineral essence drops, notes about what we are learning each day & beauty products for our skin and hair. It was a nice introduction to my stay at the retreat.

The retreat itself is absolutely stunning - it is located in the desert of Palm Spring., There are various outside meditation areas which are just perfect to sit and relax. Morning walks along the track are beautiful too.

I had no previous experience in meditation or yoga - for me this was all new. Each morning we began the day with Lemon Water then eased into a light yoga class finishing off with some meditation. Each day my head felt so clear & the more I took the time to get into this practice - the more I learnt how to control my thoughts and become at peace in my mind - removing all the mind chatter that can be so draining.

By the second day I had discovered what meditation was all about. I grew to love this practice of relaxing the mind, body, spirit with such wonderful results. It was quite nice to know that I could quietly go outside and not be consumed with the usual mind chatter -I could be at peace and not wanting the distraction of a phone etc.. I think this is a gift that I will forever cherish in my life.

One class that stood out to me, was the fire dance with sound meditation incorporated into it. As a class, we had to sit down and write a list of negative traits which we wish to dismiss from our lives. I found this quite powerful, especially when we placed our list of negative traits in the fire and watched it burn. Very powerful and liberating.

There was a schedule of interesting classes each day for guests to participate in, these ranged from; • Seven Steps to Rejuvenation & Health - A class which gave us tools on how to assist our five organs as well as address our body, mind and spirit to achieve optimum rejuvenation and health. • Tips for Healthy Digestion - This is the class where I discovered the importance of Enzymes, I now take these with every meal & have noticed such a difference in my daily eating habits / digestion. This class also educates us on the 4 rules of good digestion - 'its 'not just WHAT we eat, but HOW we eat it'.

• Cooking Class - A really fun class, where Susana taught us some of her key cooking recipes & offered us delicious samples too. • Hatha Yoga - a gentle yoga that connects us with our spirit and really affects changes in our lives. It combines breath awareness and a state of mindfulness. • Sound & Light Healing - a class which is designed to unlock soul patterns that hinder you from true life expression. It begins with guided meditation and then uses sound to go deeper. • Hypnosis - This class uses Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) along with Hynoptherapy mental blocks that affect the detoxification process & your overall wellbeing. A lot of the classes are also available for private sessions too, if you want a more intense session.

By the last day, after only consuming juice for the past four days, - I felt like my appetite had decreased and I couldn’t even picture how I would once consumed so much unhealthy food. As a result, my energy levels increased, my face glowed and my eyes appeared whiter. I’m sure after two months of partying I had a lot of toxins to remove ha ha.

Juice fasting is an amazing way to begin healing our bodies. I really enjoyed drinking nutrient rich foods in the form of juice. I could feel such a difference in my energy levels, as the energy that was normally used to break down traditional solid foods was now freed. I would recommend to book in for daily colonics, to achieve maximum results in your detoxing.

On departure, I was given a healthy shake with protein powder and a light salad - I felt so full after eating it! Amazing how we can train our bodies to adjust to any changes & set new healthy patterns.

It was quite special to invest four days purely into self growth & time out from social media / electronics. Too date, this is the most powerful thing I have done in my life and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is wanting to transform their life. I wrote some Goal orientated notes from the classes about what I would like to achieve in my life. It is amazing how much of these goal points have now come true and I am living in the reality of what I once thought was a dream.

The Retreat is all about connecting you to Your Higher Self. The best version of You. Through healthy food, exercise, mind calming techniques and some good practical Soulful advice from the wonderful team of supportive staff. I would highly recommend you experience this wellness retreat. You can find out more information about We Care here: https://wecarespa.com