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Interviewed extracted from Cactus Skincare website via this link So, Brittany Bloomer has been using Cactus Skincare for around 3-4 years now and we've come to know her quite well over that time.

She runs an amazing charity called Pound Paws which does incredible work in re-homing animals that otherwise would often end up being Euthanised

I caught up with Brittany to see what she's been up to!

Ryan: So Brittany! How have you been?

Brittany: Hello Ryan, I have been really good. I recently returned home from Croatia, where I got to enjoy a bit of the European Summer. I didn't realise how cold Sydney gets till I returned home, woww! Pound Paws has been going great, we recently hosted an event in Double Bay called Double Bay Dog Day. It was a super fun day for dogs & their owners. We had several rescue groups involved, ranging from; RSPCA NSW, Greyhound Rescue, Saving Staffies & Maggies Rescue. We were able to successfully re-home pets from these rescue as well as raise awareness to the public about the importance of pet adoption. We are now focusing on improving our website and developing an app for Pound Paws, so the public can view pets available for adoption & we can provide promotion for the rescue groups, where we display them on our Rescue Directory. Each rescue group which is displayed on our website, is provided a complimentary photography & videography session which our volunteers arrange for them. We want to break the stereotype that pounds / rescue centres are 'scary' places & instead promote them in a positive manner.

Ryan: That's really great! Do you feel as though people are starting to become more aware of the need to re-home animals rather than go straight to breeders? Also what are the things you feel like people need to keep in mind when looking for a pet?

Brittany: Yes, which warms my heart! I remember when I first started Pound Paws - a lot of the reactions I would receive from talking about pet shops sourcing from pet farms & how easy it was to adopt pets from the pound / rescue centres was shock, due to lack of knowledge on the topic. These days, its almost becoming a bit of a trend to adopt, which is brilliant - but we need to ensure that it sticks!

I think by providing the resources to the Australian public, using social media for pet adoption promotion & making the adoption process as easy as possible (via website / app), it will help to ensure that adoptions take place long term. Pets are a long term commitment, they shouldn't be viewed as a gift or a fun 'new thing' to bring into your life. They are a 10-15 year life commitment. Similar to humans, they have needs - needs to get out & exercise, attention & food / medical support. I think it is always worth looking into the 'Lifestyle Match' option, when it comes to searching for your new pet. Certain breeds won't match certain owners, like you can't have an active cattle dog in a small studio apartment in the city. It would not only drive the dog crazy, but the tenants too! For example; A cattle dog would be put under the 'Active Lifestyle' section, best suited for someone living on property with land or can regularly take them on walks.

Ryan: Oh wow... yeah I can actually totally imagine myself walking into a shelter and just picking a dog that I think I like the personality of... there's a lot to think about! Is that sort of information available for each animal on pound paws? Or should you do a bit of research online for that?

Brittany: Yes, one of our search engine options allows user to search via lifestyle match. The different lifestyles that we list are; active, relax, city, rural and companion. We go into more detail with this on one of our blog entry posts on the website. Also, each pet listing displays a description which describes the pets personality traits.

Ryan: Ok, sounds like it's pretty well thought out! What's on the cards for the future for pound paws? Anything you're working on?

Brittany: Pound Paws has lots of exciting projects coming up, we will be hosting another Dog Day, but this time in Woollongong (1.5 hours South of Sydney) it will be great to connect with local rescue groups in the South Coast area and help raise awareness to the public over there. We are also focused on finding new ways to help with the adoption process & one project in particular we are working on, is inter-state adoption's. The big project which we would love to tackle, would be getting an I-phone app made for Pound Paws, as 80% of our website users are via their mobile device. So, I guess this is a call out to anyone in app development that would be interested in helping out Pound Paws produce an app!! We would be so appreciative of your help.

Our day to day tasks generally consist of listing pets available for adoption, finding pets new pet owners, setting up photo / video shoots for rescue groups & pounds, sending out volunteers to rescue groups & pounds for assistance, providing online assistance to both rescue's and potential pet adoptees / new pet owners, sending out happy adoption packs & much more.

Ryan: Ok... Sounds like you're really busy! Makes my head spin thinking of it! Now... it wouldn't be a skin blog if I didn't ask you about your regimen. What are you using nowadays on your skin?

Brittany: Winter is when my skin plays up the most, the cold months comes as a shock to my skin & it gets super dry. Sometimes the skin dryness can get painful too when I run out of product. My go to Cactus Skincare Product for this would be the Intense Hydrating Creme or the Moisturise Boost Serum. It is so important to keep our skin moisturised throughout this cold period, as well as keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Ryan: Sounds about right, yeah I definitely hit up the heavier products in the winter time. I normally only use the Moisture Boost Serum once a week after my White Clay Mask then seal with the Intense Hydrating Creme. I'm not super dry though. Although... I'm in Canada nowadays and haven't done a winter yet... we'll see! Anyway thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us! Always awesome to hear what you're up to! Lovely chatting!

Brittany: Thanks Ryan! Lovely chatting with you too!

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