Esalen Institute

A couple of months ago I took some time out to recharge at Esalen Institute before launching a big project of mine, Petflair. I truly believe it was one of the best locations to recharge and relax at. My mind set after spending four days was ready to accomplish anything & the results were proven, with the fantastic launch of Petflair - which reached over 14 million views online & raised $104.8k of sales in a month.

Our lovely friends Paris & Ben hosted us at the wellness retreat & we were blown away by how beautiful this place truly is. I had heard so much about Esalen prior to arriving, so it meant a lot to me to finally experience it for myself. Something that stood out to me a lot was that each day, their kitchen team prepares meals with ingredeants that are grown fresh on the grounds of Esalen. You can also make herbal tea yourself, by picking flowers yourself. Such a unique experience. Not only is this place excellent for re-charging, but they host educational seminars frequently, teaching a variety of different topics. We missed out on the seminars this time around, but I felt just as educated by walking into the bookstore, which has the greatest collections of biographies, teachings & many more goodies to take home. As Jim Carrey says "Nature is so beautiful. If you want to discover the secrets of the universe and see what no eyes has ever seen, Go isolate yourself into the wild for a long time and free yourself from societies mould". - I felt that we achieved this, in a relaxed & beautiful way, whilst enjoying the accommodation & dining - but also feeling like we were free & away from the normal day to day life. I truly believe that if you ever feel like you are stressed / truly disconnected with yourself and don't have clarity on what your doing in life then it is important to take some time out in nature and reconnect with your higher self. No matter what our views on life are and what takes place here, the one thing that will always remain is the trust that nature will always guide and provide examples on how we can live cohesively. It's only when we stray away from our origins and no longer live in balance that we will face the chaos. To find out more information about Esalen, head to their website here. I also put together a short video, as there were so beautiful moments I had to share with you xxx