Sydney Dog Lovers Show

Wow, what a paw-fect weekend! I had so much fun at the Sydney Dog Lovers Show! For those of you who haven't attended this event yet, I strongly encourage you to come along next year. This event is dedicated purely to dogs, with a wide variety of fun activities to participate in. Whether you are looking for some new toys to spoil your pooch with, or perhaps, considering adopting a pet - you can do it all! My favourite section was hands down the Adoption Zone, I was really happy to see how much this event promoted pet adoption, hosting a variety of different rescue groups around NSW. It was really special to connect with each rescue group and meet their adorable dogs available for adoption. I ended up attending both days and discovered that by the second day, majority of the rescue pets had found new potential homes! The Australian Working Dog Rescue zone was super cool as well, Carey demonstrated how intelligent working dogs are and I even had Nimble jump into my arms after I asked him for a cuddle - the sweetest thing ever! It was really great to see a lot of my friends running stalls, such as; UWDogs, Sassy Treats, Darby's Dog Bakery & Deli and of course all of the rescue groups! They all agreed that there was a wonderful sense of community on the day! It's hard to leave the show empty handed, I ended up buying a variety of different dog treats, food and toys, which made Gretel very happy! Judging from the pictures online, I noticed a lot of other pooches got spoiled too! :) For more information about the event, click here.