Sea Shepherd Private Tour

I’ve always been a long term supporter & fan of the work @seashepherd do after watching The Cove documentary back in 2009. So, when Jeff Hansen (Aussie director of Sea Shepherd) hosted a private tour on board the Steve Irwin ship, (the 59 meter flagship of the Sea Shepherd Global fleet) I was so excited & grateful 💙🙏🏼. The team have led some extremely powerful direct action campaigns against whaling and illegal fisheries activities, which can range anywhere from months to years at sea. On board the vessel are passionate volunteers who dedicate their time to making a difference for our marine life. He mentioned something very powerful on the day, as originally quoted by Paul Watson (Founder of Sea Shepherd) which draws an illustrative analogy that people are just passengers on a spaceship called Earth: “We're not even the captains of the spaceship. We're just the passengers, watching and consuming. The crew is the insects and the microbes and the other creatures, doing what they do to keep the ship functioning. And right now we're killing off the essential crew, one by one.” 🦑🐜🐠🐢 There are disastrous implications from removing species from the planet one by one. The work Sea Shepherd do is so vital for protecting our planet. 🌏 If you are interested in getting more actively involved in Animal Welfare (for the water babies), feel free to email the team at Sea Shepherd via the website. They have some big plans over the next few months and your help can make it all achievable 💙💦🙏🏼. #SeaShepherd#AnimalWelfare