Skin Health Emporium Interview

  • The Skin Health Emporium is the one destination where viewers can achieve ultimate skin health and wellness for life. Their aim is to engage, empower and facilitate viewers from all over the world to live a healthy life. I was delighted when Linda (Founder & Director) reached out to me, to provide some tips for readers. -----

  • Bring yourself and your career to life, explain what you do and why you do it?

  • Since the age of 14 years old, I have been passionate about re-homing pets that end up in Australian pounds & rescue centres. Over 200,000 happy and healthy pets get euthanised in Australia per year, this occurs due to many factors; mass breeding, unwanted pets, owners not de-sexing & the list goes on... My mission is to lower this shocking statistic, educate the Australian public about the importance of choosing to adopt instead of shop and help to actively re-home as many pets as possible via my charity; Pound Paws.

  • What motivates and drives you to follow through with your business goals and personal development? Results! Nothing makes me happier, more motivated, inspired to continue with my chosen path then when I see a pet that was once on death row, now living a happy life with his/her new fur-ever family! I get to witness this a lot at the Dog Day events which I organise via Pound Paws. We have a lot of ex-rescue dogs come down and join in on all the fun with their new fam, It's really heart-warming! In terms of personal development, I feel the more time I put into personal development and self-growth, the more enlightened I become regarding my life path and purpose.

  • Explain who inspires you? Anyone who has the courage to pursue their dreams and is brave enough to be out there making a difference!

  • What does success mean to you and how much do you think success is built on luck? I believe success comes after achieving personal goals & positively impacting those around you. I believe you can create your own success, thus raising you to a higher vibration of abundance which welcomes in other great things. I don't think we should ever wait around for 'luck' to happen, we got to create a strong foundation and make it happen ourselves. Luck is the residue of process.

  • What does being beautiful and healthy mean to you? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and as David Hume wrote 'Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty”, however a universal theme which I believe exists across everyones perception of beauty, is love & kindness, it overrides anything. Being healthy is more than just food and nutrition, it is mindfulness and gratitude.

  • What does your skincare and wellness morning and night routine look like? Morning Routine: Mornings for me are all about getting the mindset right for the day ahead, I always make sure I wake up to natural lighting (curtains open) & drink a glass of water (sometimes with lemon in it). To reduce fogginess in the head, I go for a walk at Botanical Gardens listening to soft piano music or listen to an audio book focused on gratitude / positive affirmations (my favourite to listen to is; Esther Hicks or Christina Sutra at the moment). I treat myself to a take-away coffee from the local cafe, where I sit down at the park and take a moment, before the day commences with work emails & phone calls. Due to a lot of my work operating around animals or on the laptop, there is no need for me to wear make-up, so I instead opt for a nourishing moisturiser. Nighttime Routine: Nighttime is where I focus a lot more on skin care, I tend to un-wind from the day with tea & a face mask with my hair in a bun. I recently discovered an amazing tool from Beauty Tofu, which is a skin roller, I absolutely love using this once a week, to prickle the skin on my face, then lather active serums onto my face to soak in whilst I sleep. No computers or iPhones are allowed in my bed room.

  • How do you manage mental health and self-care? Disconnecting from social media + exercise is a great way to manage your mental health. I believe disconnecting from social media is a great way to instantly reduce levels of anxiety, however I understand that a lot of us can't completely cut it off, due to our work revolving around it, so a great tip is to 'Mute' all posts / stories from people in your social network & only fill your newsfeed with inspirational posts/pictures or quotes from your favourite authors. Exercise is something you should involve in your daily routine! I never used to be a fan of exercising, until I forced myself to do it and it turned into a daily habit. I noticed a big shift in my mindset, I was no longer easily triggered by minor things & felt a lot more energised throughout the day. I now can't live without it, ha! I would highly recommend exercise for those who have over- active minds / high energy, as without exercise as an outlet, it can turn into nervous energy (which was happening to me) & this can result in stress, anxiety or even skin disorders or body pain!

  • Favorite holiday destination, restaurant, artist and book? Holiday: I love being around water, I find it incredibly calming, so a holiday anywhere near the sea always tempts me! Restaurant: Anywhere with fresh/un-processed food. Artist: I really enjoy John Mayers music, I always feel really relaxed listening to him. His lyrics are really great too and hold a lot of meaning. Book: The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr Maxwell Maltz - it's a great read for those who want to break out of self-limiting beliefs & tap into the dream life they have always wanted to live... it starts with re-programming the mind!

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