Sam Cutler

Rolling Stones Manager


I love being interviewed by Brittany Bloomer. She was fun and interesting and obviously a smart cookie. The fact that she's lovely to look at and sexy as heck has got nothing whatsoever to do with my evaluation of her skills! I hope she goes far in her chosen profession - we need more women with brains as well as looks on our televisions.

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Paul Glover

Brumbies Rugby - Media Manager


"Brittany was an integral part of the Brumbies TV team and brought a great presence to the screen every week. She has a sound knowledge of Australian sport and her presentation skills were a perfect fit for our program."

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Raj Suri

SBS Bollywood Star Judge


Brittany Bloomer is one of the friendliest, helpful and professional persons I have had the pleasure of working with in Australia. Through working with Brittany, whether it is in front of the camera or behind it, I was able to get insight into her skills and capabilities, these being:
• A good understanding of today's media requirements for any business - from broadcast to online - social media and blogging.
• An understanding of fashion and event PR in Australia with a strong grasp of utilising new technology
• Ability to research and problem solve on the go - Brittany has a very good ability to work in tight time deadlines and takes her own initiative to deliver the finished product.
• Elegant, well spoken, conducts herself with a positive attitude and carries a well developed level of communication and etiquette.


I have found Brittany to be dilligent, maintains a high standard of ethics, integrity and personal behaviour.

I believe Brittany is suited to a variety of roles in the fashion, film and TV production industries, corporate public relations - especially aligned to online media.


Julie Lamberg-Burnet

Founder of Sydney School of Protocol

Brittany has brought her entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm to the Sydney School of Protocol as a presenter, within our team of industry experts. Brittany’s expertise in the area of communication with a focus on digital channels has been invaluable for our clients, who range from young adults to managers seeking to communicate effectively in front of the camera. Brittany’s warm and enthusiastic approach when working with clients and with the team is demonstrated on a consistent basis. She has a keen and energetic attitude to everything she approaches. The broad range of initiatives and projects she is involved with highlight her proactive style and the ability to develop positive relationships in business, social and community settings.